Panel Fencing

We sell a wide range of panel fencing. We stock different styles; Lap Panels, Closeboard Panels, Picket Panels & Trellis Panels. Available in different sizes. Great prices.

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Closeboard Panel
Closeboard Panel Fencing Constructed with a 45mm x 38mm and clad with featheredge boarding. ..
Closeboard Panel (with Gravelboard)
Closeboard Panel Fencing with Gravelboard Constructed with a 45mm x 38mm frame and clad with..
Diamond Trellis
Diamond Trellis Panels These robust diamond trellis panels are constructed using 38mm x 18mm batt..
Lap Panel
Lap Panel Fencing Made with 18mm x 38mm framework and larch slats this product is easily erected ..
Picket Panel (Ashby)
This decorative panel is constructed from 2 no. 87mm x 38 mm rails with 75mm x 22mm shaped pales. Ga..
Picket Panel (Pointed)
Pointed Picket Panel Constructed from 2 no. 87mm x 38mm rails with a 75mm x 22mm pointed pale, th..
Picket Panel (Rounded)
Constructed from 2 no. 87mm X 38mm rails with a75mm X 22mm roundtop pale, this robust panel is ideal..
Square Trellis
Square Trellis Panel Constructed using 38mm x 18mm batten these robust trellis panels are 6’ wide..